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The Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center Pikachu Mega Charizard Y Plushie has arrived!

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Last December 2014, The Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center in Tokyo's Ikebukuro finally opened its doors for all the Pokemon trainers and enthusiasts around the world to visit, shop and enjoy. Known to be the biggest Pokemon Center in the world, you could probably imagine the anticipation, excitement and hype that Pokemon fans all around the world felt. I, myself, residing in the Philippines would dream to be able to visit this specific Center when I visit Japan someday. After all, Pokemon has always been one of my childhood favorites. 

Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center opens!

During the opening of the store, I read in an article from Kotaku that hundreds of fans lined up to get first dibs on some of the exclusive limited edition goods, like the Pikachu Charizard Plushies, since they were going to be offered only on the weekend when the store was officially launched. Knowing that these items would become rare eventually, it was no surprise that people would do anything to get their hands on it immediately. Lucky for me, I was able to purchase one of these rare plushies with the help of my good friend Arra Abella of Style Reader and the Hubbyte Toy Store!

Some of the limited edition exclusive goodies for the opening weekend!

Even if the plushie I got was not the big one I initially thought I would get, I still am overwhelmed with how incredibly adorable it looked. Charizard has always been my favorite fully evolved Pokemon since the first generation and it was amazing to see how they transformed the super cool fire/flying type Pokemon into something so lovable and cute. Of course, Pikachu being the most iconic Pokemon in the entire franchise, the combination was simply unique.

A wild Pikachu/Mega Charizard appeared! :D 

Unlike other stuffed toys that I have encountered, I believe that this plushie was surely a bang for your buck. They really made use of a full bodied Pikachu plush toy that was complete with his brown stripes, horns/ears, and even its original tail despite being covered with the poncho. Even the Mega Charizard Y Poncho was quite detailed as it has the three horns on top, eyes, a pair of wings, a fire type logo button on the center, a tail with spikes and fire on the tip! It may not be much for many but to me, it is a plus as it gives full appreciation, quality and value to the toy. I have experienced some stuffed toys that "hide" other details by using its other props or clothing (e.g. a stuffed toy with hair curls and a cap but hair curls only exist until the rim of the cap)

The back of the poncho of Pikachu :)

The toy was made with very soft and high quality materials. In fact, its quite comfortable to hug and feel the toy's soft fur sink into your fingertips while playing around with it. The only thing I guess I wish they could have done was place the option to remove the Poncho. It would have been nice to have made my other stuffed toys at home wear the Charizard Poncho! But other than that, the toy is perfect as it is. The toy also came with the official tag from the Mega Tokyo Pokemon Center to prove its authencity. Of course, I am not going to remove the tag. :)

The official tag makes this cute baby LEGIT! :)

Snuggle time with Pikachu/Mega Charizard! :)

This is definitely a Pokemon toy that I would strongly recommend to have especially if you are a big fan of the Pokemon franchise. Other than being a rare collectible to date, I'm sure that the nostalgia and joy it brings to you alone is definitely worth the investment. Thanks so much to Hubbyte Toy Store for making this investment possible!

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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for my upcoming reviews and events! :)

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