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Free Comic Book Day 2015!

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For many, the month of May is the best time to hit the road and enjoy a summer vacation with friends and family. But for me, its usually a different story. One of the most interesting international geeky holidays that I anticipate yearly is the "FREE COMIC BOOK DAY" (also known as FCBD) which was celebrated on May 2, 2015. 

Yep, you read it right -- for one day, most if not all bookstores around the world give readers a chance to bring home special comic books from different comic publishers to enjoy without any purchase required from the store. Other than the free comics, you could purchase graphic novels, back-issue comics, and a couple of action figures at discounted rates. It is also a gathering where many comic readers, cosplayers and comic book artists of all ages celebrate the joy of their favorite titles, comic book characters and stories. Of course, since this is a first come, first serve "until supplies last" kind of event, many fans had to really make the effort to come early and line up to get their share of the fun. In my case, I had to line up with a friend for almost 2 hours outside before I was able to get in but trust me, it's definitely worth the wait especially if you love comics and graphic novels like me. 

For this year, I was able to bring home a total of 7 free FCBD comic books from big comic book publisher names like Image, Dark Horse, Marvel, McFarlene, etc. I was also able to buy the much awaited Archie VS Predator #1 during my visit at Comic Odyssey in Fully Booked. Lucky for me, it was also the last copy of the issue. :)

My free comic book day stash! :)

Sadly, some of the titles I was anticipating to check out weren't available in all participating branches such as "The Fight Club" from Dark Horse Comics and the "Bob's Burgers" special issue. Nevertheless, it is definitely an exciting and fun experience that you ought to enjoy by yourself or with your friends and family. Thank you to Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked for making this possible every year!


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