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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS is officially out!

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Last February 12, 2015, the new Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate was finally released in stores worldwide. Being one of the most successful grinding games to date, this has been much awaited by millions of fans around the world. To make things even more exciting, all pre-orders from Datablitz can bring home 1 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Exclusive Poster, 1 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Exclusive Paper Fan, and 1 Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Figure Builder along with a copy of the game upon release. That's not even the collector's edition yet! Pretty neat huh?

Even if Monster Hunter has been around for years, I must admit that this would be my first time to actually play the game. I have tried it back then on the PSP however, due to my erratic and busy schedule before, I never really got to fully enjoy the game. Now that the newest addition of the game franchise came out on the Nintendo 3DS and having a couple of friends who are currently into the game as well - I think this would be the best time for me to maximize my experience the game especially on the multiplayer aspect of it. With this in mind, I immediately pre-ordered a copy for myself when the pre-order registration opened. I was able to get the Garara Ajara figure and I must say, the detailing and overall quality and sculpting of the toy was superb! This makes my choice to pre-order the game definitely worth it! :)

freebies from pre-ordering: Fan, Figure, Poster and of course, the game itself!

Unboxing and assembling Garara Ajara!

a closer look :)

You may grab your own copy of the New Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 at the nearest Datablitz branch for only P1,850 (If paid in cash, you can bring it home for only P1,750). You can also collect these awesome Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Figure Builder Plus Vol. 1 for only P259 each. All figures come in a blind box so take a chance and let the challenge to collect them all begin!

Got the game already? Share your thoughts with us at the comments below! :)

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