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Nanoblock x Pokemon Edition: Charizard

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Hey guys! As my first official post, I will be doing a detailed review on the new Nanoblock series featuring Pokemon! Unlike the other popular and competitive building block brands, Nanoblock is a well-known toy made in Japan that specializes on the use of microblocks to create a much more detailed building experience. This specifically captures attention especially to young adults who had a fond childhood memory with toys like Lego. I grew up playing with Lego myself so seeing these toys for the first time really sparked my interest. In fact, I have even built a few other older models such as the panda, sheep and bulldog before. 

Just recently while strolling around my favorite video game store, Datablitz, I noticed that they had new Pokemon toys that really caught my eye. One of these toys was the new Nanoblock x Pokemon series that featured many of the starter and popular Pokemons. Apparently, this new line of Nanoblock x Pokemon series was just released last June 2014. :)

Nanoblock x Pokemon Series

As a kid, I grew up watching the cartoon series and also enjoyed playing their video game series in different platforms. Seeing these just really sold me on the spot and what better way to savor the moment by getting my all time favorite pokemon - Charizard. (However, in the packaging, Charizard is spelled as 'Lizardon')

Lizardon Assembly Difficulty 3/5

After opening it up, the package contained about 5 separate plastic bags filled with over 200 worth of micro building blocks and a set of building instructions. The blocks were separated based on the type and size which made the assembly of Charizard more organized for me. Each piece was made with high quality hard plastic (as expected from a very respectable Japanese toy brand). Though even if they had provided spare microblocks, I had to take extra caution while assembling since they are easy to lose due to its size plus I had to consider the dangers of my dog accidentally eating it should it fall on the ground.

The total assembly time to complete Charizard took me about an hour or so. Nevertheless, it definitely was a bit challenging yet a very fun experience. 

Assembly Time!

The finished figure stood a little over 2 inches but I was fascinated how intricate and detailed this little Pokemon got. Just imagine, most of the steps required more than 20 microblocks to compose a single part of his body like each wing, head, etc. 

Here's what the final product looked like:

I choose you Charizard!

Front View

Angled View

Side View

Back View

Top View

In conclusion, this toy would make the perfect gift for any kid at heart that grew up with Pokemon and building block toys! The details were very impressive however, I do wish that it came with a base for it to stand like how other nanoblock figures came with one. This toy definitely brought back those nostalgic feels of my childhood and is definitely worth showcasing in my toy collection.

Want one? You can get your very own Nanoblock x Pokemon Toys at Datablitz for only P499 each! 

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