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Funko Pop Weekend Review: 6-inch Big Hero 6 Baymax

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Hey guys! As you have heard, we have been celebrating a series of Funko Pop Weekend this month over at the Greenhills Shopping Center and Tiendesitas. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to pick up one of my latest Funko finds this season and place it up for review - the 6-inch Baymax from Disney's "Big Hero 6"!

Before I begin, let me give you a short background on Funko Pop toys. If you are not familiar with the brand, they're well known for their small yet affordable vinyl collectible toys. More often than not, they are mostly characters depicted from popular video games, movies, TV series, comics and more with a sort of "chibi" molding. Most of them are also readily available in several toy shops around the metro, annual toy conventions and more. You can check their stuff out in their official website here: http://funko.com/collections/pop

To be honest, I have only entered the Funko Pop collection craze about a year ago. Most of time I would often target the bigger and more detailed toys from other brands. But after much thought and consideration, I gave it a go and it truly is a fun experience to start collecting them as they are mostly affordable, readily available and best to be used in building diorama scenes from shows (e.g. The Walking Dead) or to simply make them iconic and conversational table toppers. As of today, I have about 4 Funko Pop toys and counting.

Now for the main agenda, let me show you more on our cute and cuddly health care provider and inflatable super hero - DISNEY BIG HERO 6'S BAYMAX!

Baymax inside the box - looks so cute already!

Ever since the movie first got out on the big screens, Funko has created different versions of Baymax to be sold. They had the regular-sized (more or less about 4 inches tall) Baymax in his inflatable form and also in his armored form. They also released a limited edition version of him that glows in the dark. Lastly, they released the big pop version (about 6 inches tall) of Baymax in his inflatable form and also in his armored form as well. Of course, despite the many versions, his character was a big hit especially with kids and collectors alike making these figures sell hot like pancakes. I settled for the Big pop version of Baymax in his inflatable form because I wanted to maximize his overall cuteness being his inflatable marshmallow-y self. After all, that is what he is really known for other than being a poofy hi-tech health companion.

The toy stands well despite the head being oversized for his body. Like all the other Funko Pop toys that I have encountered, only his head is the only thing you can twist. Fun thing about this particular toy is that adding additional or small props to him makes him even more appealing and adorable. Unlike the usual Funko Pop figures that has similar built and poses, I love how the figure emphasises his inflatable tummy and butt. It's Baymax after all - what's not to love? :)

Hello, I am Baymax - your personal health companion!

Scotch Tape anyone?

Placed my TMNT face mask prop on Baymax and he looks more determined to save the world!

The only beef I have with Funko though is their inconsistency with the way the toy was painted on. Sometimes, you really have to pick out from a set of the same character just to get the one with the best paint job. This has happened to me quite a number of times since I started collecting Funko Pop. I guess the knack of me finding well-detailed and designed toys before buying can't seem to wear off. However, given the affordable price mark of the product, I guess it is safe to say that they are definitely a bang for your buck most especially if the characters you are collecting are your personal favorites.

All in all, the Funko Pop 6-inch Baymax is definitely a keeper for me. It truly resembles and captures the character's personality, charm and overall look. Even if he is pearl white in color, he is also pretty easy to clean and display on your desk or shelf. I am sure that anyone who looks at him will be brightening their day with awe. Definitely, this toy makes me feel SATISFIED WITH MY CARE.

Get this for only P750 and other collectible Funko Pop figures (Price varies depending on its popularity and demand) at Big Boys Toy Store while stocks last!

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