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Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game Review

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Growing up even before the video game industry boom, board and card games we're surely one of the best ways to entertain, interact and play with friends. From playing a game of Monopoly at my grandmother's house with relatives, learning how to play Magic and the Pokemon Trading Card game, exploring new board games with my childhood friends or challenging my brothers in Battleship and Pokemon Next Quest - these were the glory days that seem to be making a comeback since last year. With the recent popularity of board and tabletop gaming cafes rising around the Metro, I thought it would be interesting to post about some of my latest discoveries in the world of card games - Boss Monster.

I was first introduced to 'Boss Monster' by my brother who borrowed a set from his friend. I would recall him insisting that I should play at least one game of it with him despite my hectic schedule to see how easy yet fun the game can get. Without a doubt, I fell in love with the game on my first try. I eventually introduced it to my friends who came over my place for our usual "Game Nights" and soon enough, the joy of the game was growing. After a number of games played, I was decided to get my own deck.

The game started out as a kickstarter project by Brotherwise Games. The objective in the game is pretty simple: Become a Boss, build a dungeon, lure adventurers, and destroy them! The set comes with 155 full-color, pixel art-illustrated cards that can accomodate up to 4 players. It also has a quick start guide and an instruction booklet to get you started. The overall design was inspired from classic video games which also gives the players a sense of nostalgia as they remember the old classic 8-bit games we once enjoyed playing.

Box Contents

Every turn you get to build/upgrade/destroy a room. Depending on how you build your dungeon is the key to winning the game. There are also spell cards that you can use to either boost your moves or interrupt an opponent's kill streak which adds up to the challenge of the game. 

Building a Dungeon!

The Boss Monster card game overall is a fresh take on strategy card games which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. I personally enjoyed this and I would recommend that you all give it a try at your local puzzles lounge before buying your own set. I believe that Brotherwise Games is also developing an app for this game that can be enjoyed into your smartphones and tablets. But for me, there's nothing like enjoying a good old-fashioned strategy card game with friends over a few snacks or drinks than playing on screen. You can get your very own copy of the game at Neutral Grounds for only P1,125. You may also buy Ultra Pro card protector sleeves for it for as low as P35/100pcs. 

Hope you like my review! :)

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