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A Sneak Peek on Some of My First Toy Reviews for 2015!

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Happy New Year everyone! With the holiday spirit still in the air, I believe it is not too late to share with you all some of the awesome collectible toys I got last Christmas! A big thank you to my cousin, Anton Amistoso and my good friend, Arra Abella of Style Reader for these! 

Note: These toys are all still sealed. I will open them once I begin writing each of their detailed reviews!

3 Nendoroid Figures and the Lego 21108 GhostBusters Ecto-1!

I know that I have not been able to update my blog with new reviews for the past few months but am really hoping that this year would be different - new toys, new events and of course, new giveaways and fun surprises are definitely going to come your way at the ElectroMagnetChick! 

Just to give a brief background on these new additions to my collection:

LEGO 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1

My cousin, Anton and I visited the Christmas Toy Fair 2014 at the Megatrade Hall a few days before Christmas day. Interested to see what they had to offer and if we could find any great deals for our little cousins, nephews and nieces (and also for ourselves hehe), this event was truly something I couldn't miss. 

My cousin Anton and I will always be kids at heart!

My cousin and childhood best friend, Anton, posing with the giant Funko Pop Figurines!

After going around multiple times scavenging every single booth, we came across the Lego 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1 set! It was one of the latest LEGO Build sets I have been eyeing after it was approved for production from LEGO Ideas (LEGO Ideas is like a kickstarter program for Lego fans to suggest and vote interesting ideas for build sets that can possibly be made! Click the link to see what they have in store now) 

Without a doubt, it was my goal and my sweet cousin decided on the spot that it would be his Christmas/birthday gift to me. You could imagine how much jitters and child like feels I had that moment even if I insisted he didn't have to. Thanks so much cuz! Love you mucho! :)

425 Nendoroid Red Trainer (Pokemon)

The Iconic Red Trainer from Pokemon Fire Red

Originally, this was the toy I was asking my brother to pick up for me when he visited the Pokemon Center during his trip to Japan last October 2014. When he came home and told me he was not able to pick this figure up, I immediately was on a look out should any of the local collectible toy stores have any pre-order openings. However, upon my discovery, the pre-order for this specific figure was already closed. I also discovered that there was a really huge demand for it to the point that the value of the toy skyrocketed to P8,000/figure. If you are wondering why this was such a hot sell out, it is because the toy represents the iconic Red Trainer from the popular video game and animated series, Pokemon. The figure comes with interchangeable face plates, legs, hands, poke balls and even the 3 first generation starter pokemon! To make things even more exciting, the toy was only sold as a Pokemon Center exclusive in Japan.  I must say, they truly live up to the tag line of the franchise - "Gotta Catch em' All!" since this was a challenging find.

The Nendoroid Red Trainer in action!

With the help of my good friend Arra and her father (who is a big time toy collector too!), we were able to find and snag the rare figure when it was released in one of the local collectible toy stores that sold it to us for a good and reasonable price. I remember that I had to head to the store right away the moment it arrived if I wanted to grab myself one - and to my surprise, by the time I got there, there was only 1 left (mind you it was a regular working weekday) - I guess it really was meant for me. After everything, I think this made the perfect and rewarding Christmas present to myself this year. Thank you so much Arra, Tito Art and GreatToysOnline for this opportunity and rare find! :)

413 Nendoroid The Legend of Zelda: Link the Wind Waker 
and 385 Nendoroid Persona 3: Aegis

As growing up, I was an avid fan of video games. Back in the Nintendo Gamecube days, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was one of the most memorable titles I played - for one, its colorful and paper-like artwork was very unique compared to its older and newer versions of the game franchise. 

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker has really cute yet amazing art!

Persona on the other hand was another J-RPG favorite of mine. I simply loved the fun gameplay, the mysterious story plot and the overall experience that the game franchise had to offer. Aegis was one of my favorite characters in the Persona 3 game. She had this witty, funny and a somewhat "innocent" personality for a robot but battling side by side with her against shadows is a pretty kickass experience. 

Actual Character Design of Aigis from Persona 3 FES

These two Nendoroids were given to me as a present from my good friend and fellow toy collector, Arra. They were given actually in two separate occasions which was my birthday and for Christmas. Since both are still sealed and were given near the holiday season, I considered them both a combo gift instead! Thanks so much for this! Truly a great addition to my ever growing Toy Collection and I'm so excited to display them on my shelves soon!

So there you have it... Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Please stay tuned for more toy reviews and upcoming events I have in store for all of you this year!

Got a toy you recommend me to check out? Let me know at the comments below. :)

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