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Nendoroid 544: Kirby's Dream Land - Kirby Toy Review

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Hey guys! It's been quite a while since I last did a toy review due to my busy schedule at work but, no worries as I will be featuring some really awesome collectibles coming soon! In the meantime, prepare for some gaming nostalgia as I would be sharing with you a short review of one of the cutest and iconic video-game based Nendoroid toy I've ever collected: The Nendoroid 544: Kirby's Dream Land - Kirby!

Nendoroid 544 Kirby from Kirby's Dream Land

The toy actually came out to be more than what I was initially expecting. It came with the stand, 4 interchangeable and expressive face plates, a star rod, sword, awesome hats, and even a fireball! The toy also made use of magnets to give kirby a more flexible and easy way to pose without the worry of scratching the toy's surface. Of course, as expected from Good Smile, they made use of their high quality plastic material and as for the paint job of his face; the way it was expressed in each faceplate was spot on, just the way you remember him in the game.

Here are the many looks you can do with Kirby:

 Absorbing power and skills - Kirby style!

 Kirby flying by keeping air in his mouth :D

 The Legend of Zel-- I mean Kirby. :P

 Kirby and the Star Rod!


Overall, I had a lot of fun playing with this collectible and it really brought Kirby's character to life. If you are an avid fan of this cute pink blob or even a Smash Brothers enthusiast, then it truly is a worthy collectible for you to play with, display and keep.

A special shout-out to Hubbyte Toy Store for helping me get my hands on this adorable find! You may also order from them should you wish to grab one of your own. Simply click here to visit their online shop. Lastly, a special thank you as well to my good friend, Mark Cham, for taking the photos of my Kirby toy!

Thanks for reading this feature and watch out for my new reviews very soon! :)

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