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Square Enix Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini Series: Cloud Strife

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Over the week, I was caught by surprise when my good friend, Arra from Style Reader, gave me an advanced birthday present during one of our hang outs. The gift came in a blue gift bag where I was told that I was not allowed to actually open it until my real birthday date. Though, given the shape of the box and after taking sneaky peeks, I knew100% that it was a new toy. My inner child could not resist but open it up early. Upon opening it, my face literally lit up to see that the toy inside was one of the ones I have been eyeing lately - the new Cloud Strife: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini Series by Square Enix!

Cloud all boxed up!

The toy came in a well-packaged colourful box that showcases the other characters available for this mini series. Being an avid fan of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Theatrhythm, this statuette makes a perfect addition to my ever growing toy collection. Every glimpse of it reminds me of the days I used to play the RPG with the PSX back in the year 1997 and the times I battled with the beats brought by Theatrhythm on the 3DS.

Here comes Cloud with his trusty Buster Sword!

Standing only 5-inches tall, the toy is remarkably adorable and still BAD ASS. I love as well how Square Enix decided to retain his original SOLDIER uniform from the classic RPG game rather than have him dressed like the one from Advent Children or Kingdom Hearts. This really gives off a more nostalgic feel with the Character's original persona with a hint of cuteness! 

In terms of color and detail, the toy really captures all the intrinsic details of the SOLDIER uniform from neck to toe. However, I wish that the paint job on the buster sword was more carefully done since it had a slight smudge on the lower edge of the plastic blade. Other than that, everything else is perfect as expected from the same company that brought us Play Arts Kai toy series! (I will be doing a review on my Play Arts Kai collection soon so stay tuned for that!) In terms of feel, you can tell that the type of plastic used to create the toy was hi quality grade just by feeling it. Despite it being very detailed, it has an overall smooth surface and finish.

Cloud Strife and Buster Sword Side Aerial View

In conclusion, the Cloud Strife: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Static Arts Mini Series is definitely a must have for any fan of the classic RPG series. Though it would have also been much cooler if the toy had movable parts to change his poses. Nevertheless, its initial look lets you appreciate every bit of Cloud, his uniform, his signature spiked up hair, and trusty Buster Sword! I couldn't agree more that he definitely creates the perfect blend of cute with an attitude! If you want one of these, you can collect Cloud, Sephiroth and Tifa at Datablitz! I know that there is also a Moogle, Chocobo and Squall version however, these will be released on a later date. 

Thank you Arra of Style Reader for this amazing birthday gift in advanced! 

Stay posted as I will be releasing more toy reviews and events soon! Got a toy you want to recommend? Feel free to message me or leave a comment below! 

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