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Celebrating 75 years of Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na..... BATMAN at Fully Booked!

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Last April 2014, DC Comics announced that July 23, 2014 is officially BATMAN DAY! It is quite amazing how Gotham's favorite Dark Knight has reached another milestone as it marks its 75th year! Though, since Batman Day landed on a weekday, one bookstore in the Metro wouldn't let this remarkable moment in comic book history slip out!

Photo Source: Fully Booked Philippines

Fully Booked Philippines celebrated Batman Day last Saturday, July 26, 2014, in several of their branches spread across the Metro. The main event of course was celebrated at Bonifacio High Street. To start the event, the first 75 fans to show their love for the caped crusader upon store opening - whether it is to come in full costume, have a Batman tattoo or as simple as wearing a Batman T-Shirt, get exclusive goodies from Pacific Licensing, the official license holder of Warner Bros. I arrived at the store about an hour early with my Funko Pop Rides Collectible #1 - the 1966 Batmobile that I snagged for a great deal at the Bangkok Comic-Con (I will be writing about my finds and experience there soon)! Despite coming early, the line was already piling up by the back entrance of Fully Booked.

Batman fans lining up outside Fully Booked!

Part of the fun that awaited all Batman fans is that Comic book stores around the world, including Fully Booked, were going to give out the special anniversary issue, Detective Comics #27 for one day only. This comic features a reimagining of Batman's 1939 comic launch designed by Chip Kidd, and written by the NY Times best selling author Brad Meltzer. Since there was a limited number of copies of the comic book available in each branch, only one (1) comic book was given on a first come, first serve basis. 

Stacks of Detective Comics #27 ready to be given out!
Photo Source: Fully Booked Philippines

Detective Comics #27 with paper Batarangs!

When the store opened, there were already several activities lined up for the fans. Aside from free comic book giving and the first 75 gifts, you can get prizes from joining the trivia contests or even just impersonating Batman's voice and impressions! Batman themed donuts from Go Nuts! Donuts was also being distributed to the hungry fans for free! 

While lining up to get my free comic book!

My free Batman Donut! Thanks Go Nuts! Donuts :)

Batman donuts for all courtesy of Bruce Wayne? :)

After collecting the free comic book at the ground floor, the Batman fans were then directed to the 4th floor where more Batman themed activities awaited them. Artworks and the vast Batman toy collection of Anna Gajudo were displayed for fans to appreciate. There were also a number of local and talented comic book artists who were offering to do awesome sketches for a reasonable price. There were contests as well that you could sign up to win prizes such as the trivia contest, the drawing contest, etc. 

Toys! Toys! TOOOYYYYSSS!!!

Artists at work!

Other than just enjoying the several activities throughout the day, the fans and walk-in guests could also enjoy a discount up to 20% off on selected titles and items just because.... it was BATMAN DAY! My brother was able to get a good deal on his new art book and got a free DC Comics poster with it. 

Overall, it really was a commemorative moment for Batman. Other than celebrating its overflowing success for 75 years, it was truly heartwarming and fascinating seeing how the event was enjoyed by different generations and how parents who were Batman fans encourage their children to appreciate and fall in love with the brilliant caped crusader. Thank you once again to Fully Booked Philippines for the amazing experience!

Stay connected as I will be doing a special Batman Comic Book giveaway very soon! Hope you enjoyed reading my Batman experience. KAPOW!

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